Saffron: Origin and cultivation

Country of origin of saffron is probably Crete, already in the Minoan period, around 2 thousand years BC, saffron cultivated on the Greek island. He had ritual meaning and was used for the worship of fertility and nature sanctuaries and saffron frescoes prove this.

Today, saffron in Iran, Kashmir and the Mediterranean will - Spain, Southern France, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Turkey but also in Switzerland and Austria, grown and harvested. Iran is currently the world's saffron yield of about 200 tons in the first place, over 80 percent of total world production currently comes from this country.


Our chart shows the growing countries, saffron crocus, dark red areas, the main producer of saffron.

Iran farmers had to deal with saffron never a stranger. Often they grow Safrankrokusse in a small corner for their own use to flavor rice at weddings, the big board. That the saffron crocus is grown mainly in the area of Herat, is in the cross-border region of Khorassan and Iran. The principal amount of saffron in the world market (over 80%) comes from Khorassan, though from the Iranian side.


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