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Saffron - the precious spice

Saffron is obtained from a beautifully colored purple crocus flower. Each flower is harvested by hand, it contains three reddish-brown to orange hairs, each about four inches long - the saffron spice. Early in the morning before the flowers open, they are harvested. That same day, the saffron threads are then cut off or plucked, otherwise you can lose the distinctive, slightly bitter taste. This harvesting process is possible only once a year in the fall, within a period of about two weeks, because only in this time of saffron crocus (Crocus sativus) flowers. The harvest is time consuming, 5,000 threads, which are about 25 grams, which require ten hours of work. This explains why the spice is so precious.

Saffron crocus bloom only once a year in autumn, and only for two weeks. The harvest of the crocus flowers and the sweet-tart out to solve the ...

Gastro / Trading As specialists, we provide our high-quality saffron saffron to the professional catering, retail, as well as specialist and wholesaler ...


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